London, Ontario Spas and Hair Salons – 5 Tips to Help You Choose One You’ll Love

If you live in or near London and are considering a trip to a spa hair salon there, you’ll see you have plenty of choice. In fact, Google offers up over 50 businesses that would be more than happy to accommodate you. So how on Earth does a person choose between them?I’d say there are 5 main points that will help you tip the scales in one direction or another:1) Friendly staff and recommendations2) Sterilized equipment and clean facility3) Well trained staff4) Convenient location5) Fair pricesFor most people, once they’ve had a pampering spa treatment, they can’t believe they ever doubted how fantastic it would be. Personally I prefer the spa hair salons where I can get my hair and nails done all at the same time, and I’d like to share with you a few things I’ve found to be important when choosing a place to give your hard earned dollars to.1) The staff must be friendly and make you feel great. I know there are lots of other things that really matter — like points 2 and 3 below — but even if a spa or salon is perfect on every other count, bad staff will be all that a person remembers. So yes, good staff can be any business’s most important asset.If you can ask recommendations that’s always a great start. Otherwise check with the London, Ontario Better Business Bureau. You’ll want to be sure the place you choose is a member and also that they have no complaints against them. If they have complaints then they’ve certainly made someone very unhappy and you’ll want to avoid them like the plague.2) The facility must be clean and the tools used (for manicures and pedicures for example) must be properly sterilized.Naturally, you’ll want the hair salon section of the facility to look clean. You’ll also want to be sure each station has Barbasol for the combs to soak in.As for the spa, ask if they use an Autoclave to sterilize. I know they don’t all have them so do make sure you ask – it’s a must have if you want the tools used on you to be sterile. Also, if you’re curious and want to see it when you get there, it looks a bit like a microwave.I also like to see the tools come out of their own packaging in front of me but that’s simply a personal preference that’s no formal indication of it being safely germ-free.3) The staff must be well trained and know what they are doing.Most spas will state this in their advertising and also display diplomas on their walls or desks throughout the facility. The staff don’t necessarily need to be London trained, but if you are looking around for “real” diplomas, some London schools include Fanshawe, Trios and Medix.4) Location must be convenient.Location of the business is important if you don’t have your own vehicle. If you are visiting London and will be taking a cab or walking on foot, location will be a big deal to you. Our biggest hotels, such as the Delta London Armouries (which is gorgeous) for example, are downtown.If you drop by a city information kiosk, like the one on Wellington Street just North of Southdale Road, they can give you an idea of what spas are closest to where you are staying.5) The prices must be fair.I could have said to look for inexpensive pricing but, this is one of those times when the saying you get what you pay for might just be true. So if you are after an inexpensive pedicure and the facility you go to is sparse and small, well, that’s fair. But if you want a warm, bubbly water soak, half leg massage and a thorough foot scrub, it may cost you more, but this price is fair due to the greater service offered.Of course you can still look for a deal on whatever service you choose. While you are at an information kiosk, be sure to also ask if they know of any specials. Some businesses in London will offer coupons for visitors to use. You may be able to get a discount on a combo spa service and hair salon visit and also a dinner deal at the same time.Now that you’ve reviewed my points, please take the plunge and find a favorite spa and treat yourself — you know you deserve it!

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